Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sour Milk

Everything in the physical world changes. Absolutely everything. Yet we refuse to accept the fact and keep clinging to whatever made us happy, gave us pleasure and joy.

You buy a carton of wonderful, fresh, organic milk. It tastes so good, it's full of nutrition and you just love it. Few days go by and it's not the same milk anymore. Under certain conditions it can turn into another delicious and nutritious product that may be even better for you. But very often it simply goes bad and can harm you. So what do you do? You keep the new milk product in the fridge and enjoy the new taste and the new qualities or you simply toss the spoiled milk out. We clearly understand that the milk will never be the same, remove it from our fridge and forget about it.

Why can't we be as wise when it comes to relationships with friends, jobs, spouses and lovers? Why do we go on obsessing over relationships that went sour when we know for sure it can only bring harm? It's important to remember that clinging restricts the flow of life - the only constant we can rely on. And if you feel the need to cling now - remember: "this too shall pass"...


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