Monday, February 8, 2010

On music and energy vibrations...

I am in the car with my husband, heading to a party. Usually I am in charge of the entertainment and he is at my mercy, but today my iPod is dead, so he plugs in his phone, which doubles as an MP3 player. Red Hot Chili Peppers...I feel discomfort and lower the volume. It doesn’t help. I close my eyes and try to relax. I used to like that stuff. What's wrong with me? I begin to slip into meditation and the only word that's left in my head is "disharmony". That's it! I am just not in-tune with that music anymore. We are on two different wave lengths.

Every tune, word, dead and thought has a frequency. You can raise your frequency by avoiding thoughts and feelings of low vibrations. Feelings like greed, jealousy, hatred and any thoughts associated with it. You can also raise your frequency through various spiritual practices.

If you like a tune, that's because your soul's vibrating in unison with that music. It may change during the course of your life or even throughout the day. Some music can inspire you to do great things, some can push you to do bad and crazy ones. In general, most religious chants, songs and mantras have a high frequency, so does classical music. Most of it, but not all by any means. AC/DC does not have a high frequency... sorry, mom!

Same goes for TV programs and movies. I am sorry to say, but most TV programs, especially News Channels have a tendency to bring you down. Everyone notices that, but people continue to watch. Why? It's easier to vibrate on the lower wave length. It requires less effort.

Everything has an effect on you. You affect everything around you as well. That's why it's so important to watch want you "emit" as well as to choose wisely what you "put" into yourself. You are so careful with what you eat, but being careful about what comes into your body through your eyes and ears is just as important. Enjoy things that sound like "harmony" to you and strive to raise your vibration.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here came up in deep meditative state and do not belong to the writer :-) I am in no way "yogier" than you just because you like your AC/DC nice and loud. Namaste!

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