Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Avatar

I didn't want to see the Avatar. Seeing the military uniforms in the preview was enough and I am not into Action or Sci-fi. But so many people liked it and told me that I "have to see it", that I decided to check it off my list and see it for the "special effects". After two failed attempts (it was sold out by the time I got there), I am trying again. We're the car and on our way in sleet and ice, hoping that most people would stay home and we'd have no problem getting tickets (smart people did stay home that night).

As we slowly make our way down the mountain I engage into a long monologue about our culture going the wrong way with its technological advances, that are slowly killing us, about few small cultures, like American Indians, who did choose the path of harmonious and spiritual living, but could not withstand the bulldozer of the "civilized" way of living. Remember "Dances with Wolves"? As I was talking about that I didn't really know what the Avatar was all about. How wild is that? Turns out, the movie was about going up the spiritual path, about the Universal Energy, the oneness of all, and the Union with the Divine. Turns out it's one the best movies about Yoga ever made.

Whatever they spent on Avatar wasn't wasted on creating useless, senseless entertainment. It was used to send a powerful, profound message: we are heading towards a grim future, filled with wars, living on a "gray" planet. Unless... we stop, think, feel, connect to the Universal Energy that surrounds everything and slowly make our way back.

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